Cloud Services

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Services Include

Cloud Backup

93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within two years. Daily Backup are essential for business security.

Network Setup

Small network or Large, it needs to work a be secured. That is what we do, we design and deploy small and large networks. After deployment our team stands behinds it and manages it for you.

Server Maintenance

Server hosting and Maintenance
Whether you have on-prem or you want to host your serves at local data center or even AWS or Azure. Our team will deploy manage and maintain your servers and we are always one call away.

Website Hosting

form small informational sites to e-commerce platforms, we have the resources to host and maintenance your websites for you and we are always one phone call away.

Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions have ZERO return on investment… until the day you need to use them. Having a quality backup solution is important, but to truly protect your data, every aspect of the backup solution needs to be monitored and managed.

Office 365 Setup and Maintenance

Our certified Technicians will customize, deploy, manage and maintain world most sophisticated communications platform for your company

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