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Why Spidertech?

We are IT company based in South Florida

that has passion in technology, we contentiously learn new technology, we talk technology and we apply technology solution where it is needed.

Experience and Expertise

With 10+ years in Business IT we have the experience you can count on. As a service company we understand the importance of delivering best possible customer service to our clients.

Onsite Support

Although majority of IT Support requests are handled remotely, there are times when you need a Tech Onsite, we are based in South Florida and we can drive to your office when you need us.

Remote Support

Remote support is essential for Business IT support, majority or our IT Support request are being handled remotely within minutes. Our team of professional IT Specialist are ready to address any technical difficulties your company may experience.

System Monitoring

Proactive and preventive maintenance is the key to stability and success, with our state of the art RMM solution we target and address system and network problems even before they accrue.
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